New Launch: Colorbar Blend-Itude Beauty Sponge Review

Hello ladies!

As we all know, the right beauty tools make all the difference while applying your makeup. Recently, a lot of brands have been coming up with their beauty sponges and beauty blenders. So recently when Colorbar launched its Blend-Itude Beauty Sponge, I just knew I had to get it. I have been using this for more than a month now and wanted to share my experience with you all. So without further ado, let’s get started and jump straight into the review. Keep reading…

What The Brand ClaimsAn egg shaped blending sponge that perfectly fits in the palm of your hand? Yes, please! Colorbar brings you the Blend-itude Makeup Sponge, a next-gen makeup tool that gives you an even blend without absorbing excess product. Its wide body blends products over your cheeks and forehead, while its narrow tip gives you ultimate precision for contouring and highlighting.

Packaging: Like most Colorbar products, this beauty sponge too comes in an air-tight plastic pouch, that makes it hygienic-to-store as well as easy to carry around. All the important details such as directions to use, price as well as the date of manufacturing are clearly mentioned at the back of the pouch. All in all, the packaging is simple, fuss-free and travel friendly!

Directions To UseApply a small amount of product to the back of your hand, and dip the rounded edge of the sponge. Dab the sponge onto your face in rapid strokes.

Pro-tip: Repeated use can deposit bacteria and dirt onto your sponge – clean your sponge once a week by rinsing with mild soap and warm water, and replace it every few months!

My Experience With The Product: Colorbar Blend-Itude Beauty Sponge comes in 2 colors and the one that I picked up is the black one. It is of good quality and is quite soft, but might feel slightly stiff when it is dry. However, as soon as you dampen it with water, it expands in size and becomes really soft and squishy. The sponge is egg-shaped; that is, it is pointed at the top and wide at the bottom. It effectively gets the job done and seamlessly blends both liquid as well as cream products. It does not leave any streaks behind, is easy to work with and feels soft on the skin.

Cleaning the sponge is also easy and mess-free! I usually take some baby shampoo and rinse the sponge off. Another good thing about this product is that it does not stain much. Even when I apply a good amount of product using this sponge, it cleans easily and does not leave any stains behind. The product can be easily found on Colorbar’s website, online shopping sites as well as at Colorbar stores.


  • Simple, hygienic and travel friendly packaging
  • Egg-shaped sponge, expands in size when dampened with water
  • Becomes very soft and squishy, easy to work with
  • Blends liquid as well as cream products seamlessly and effectively
  • Does not feel harsh on the skin
  • Easy to clean, does not leave stains behind
  • Comes in 2 colors-Pink and Black
  • Easily available on Colorbar’s website, online shopping sites as well as at Colorbar stores
  • Super affordable, a complete value-for-money product
  • Free from latex as well as allergens


  • None for me!

Price: Rs 199

Rating: A+

Final Thoughts: To sum up, I would say that this is a great offering from the house of Colorbar and I was definitely impressed! The sponge is soft and easy to work with. It expands in size when dampened with water and seamlessly blends both liquid as well as cream products. It does not feel harsh on the skin and is easy to clean too. It comes in 2 colors and can be easily found online as well as in stores. And, the fact that it comes at such an affordable price, is literally cherry on the cake! Highly Recommended! 🙂


Till next time,



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