Just Launched: Plum Berry Sorbet Body Butter Review

Skin type: Normal to dry


Hey there!

As we all know that a good skincare routine makes all the difference in the way towards a happy and healthy skin. And during winters, keeping one’s skin moisturized and nourished becomes even more important. And one such product that comes to the rescue is a body butter!

Now you must be knowing that the brand Plum Goodness has just launched their body butters in 4 yummy flavors. Even though I usually stick to body lotions, I was so tempted to try these out that I couldn’t resist myself. So I purchased the Berry Sorbet variant and wanted to share my experience with you all. So without further ado, let’s get started and jump right into the review. Stay tuned…

What The Brand Claims: The more, the berrier!

Is it the frozen fruit? The tangy after-taste? Or the flavor loaded with goodness? The sugar rush, maybe? Many reasons, one love – that dessert called Berry Sorbet!

Enriched with cold-pressed blackberry seed oil, this sumptuous body butter is a treat for your skin, and for your senses. It’s time for a larger-than-life Berry Sorbet experience.

Packaging: The body butter comes in a round chubby plastic tub that is solid as well as sturdy. The brand has done a great job with the packaging of this product! I mean just look at it! It is so gorgeous and instantly catches one’s attention! In fact, it actually reminds me of a tub full of ice-cream! 😉

As you unscrew the top white lid, you will find a plastic stopper that needs to be removed in order to use the product. All the necessary details like date of manufacturing, use-before date, ingredient list, price and net product weight are clearly spelt out. Overall, I loved the packaging! It is stunning, sturdy as well as travel friendly. But as it comes in a tub form, you do need to dip in your fingers; that might be considered unhygienic by some.

Important Note: Due to the high concentration of natural actives in this product, some light/dark color variation may be expected in the product. This is completely safe and normal, and does not affect product performance in any way.

Ingredient List:

My Experience With The Product: Plum Berry Sorbet Body Butter has a thick creamy texture, yet beautifully applies on the skin. It is easy to work with and instantly gets absorbed. It completely blends into the skin and does not leave behind any residue or greasy feeling whatsoever. It settles into a near-matte finish, that feels slightly uncomfortable, especially for those with dry skin and during winter season. You do need a good amount of product to properly moisturize the arms and legs.

Speaking of its effectiveness as a body butter, I would say that it nicely moisturizes the skin and leaves it soft and supple, but I was honestly expecting something more! And considering that it is winter season now, a body butter certainly needs to be more nourishing! Even though the product contains Shea Butter, but I did not find its effect much, which is a disappointment! I would rather use this during changing weather than during winter season. I feel this would work best for those with combination to dry skin. But if you are someone with very dry skin or looking for something to take care of dry patches, then this won’t do much!

The Berry Sorbet body butter has a yummy blackberry scent that is absolutely heavenly! It is very pleasing and lingers on for quite some time. The product can be easily found on Plum’s website as well as on other online shopping sites.


  • Gorgeous, sturdy as well as travel friendly packaging
  • Buttery smooth texture
  • Contains Shea butter, glycerin and Vitamin B3
  • Beautifully glides on the skin
  • Gets completely absorbed in a jiffy
  • Does not leave behind any greasiness or stickiness at all
  • Effectively hydrates the skin and leaves it soft and supple
  • Good product quantity that goes a long way
  • Yummy blackberry scent, that lingers on for quite a while
  • Free from parabens, SLS and phthalates
  • Cruelty-free and vegan
  • Easily available on Plum’s website as well as on other online shopping sites


  • Expensive
  • You do need a good amount of product to cover the arms and legs properly
  • Settles into a near-matte finish on the skin, that might not feel very comfortable in winters and for dry skin beauties
  • Not moisturizing enough for very dry or flaky skin
  • Tub packaging can be considered unhygienic by some
  • The scent can be slightly strong for sensitive noses

Price: Rs 650 for 200 gm

Rating: B+

Final Thoughts: Plum Berry Sorbet Body Butter comes in a stunning packaging and has a smooth and creamy texture. It instantly gets absorbed into the skin and leaves it smooth and hydrated. The formula is completely non-greasy and does not leave behind any residue at all. And the heavenly blackberry scent is just too amazing! 🙂

However, on the downside, considering that the product contains Shea butter, I did not find it sufficiently moisturizing! I was definitely expecting it to be more nourishing, especially considering the dry winter season. Along with this, it settles into a near-matte finish on the skin, that might not feel very comfortable. Honestly I would rather use it during changing weather rather than during winters!


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