VLCC Neem Face Wash With Chamomile And Tea Tree Review

Skin type: Normal to dry

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First of all, a very happy and prosperous New Year to all you lovely readers! Hope this year is as rocking as you are! šŸ™‚

Now as you know, I love trying out new face washes and cleansers. The one that I bought last month is the VLCC Neem Face Wash With Chamomile And Tea Tree. Since I have normal to dry skin, I usually avoid skincare products with Tea Tree oil, but I really wanted to try it out, so I picked it up. Now without any further ado, let’s jump straight into the review and find out if this one met my expectations! Stay tuned…

What The Brand Claims: Deeply cleanses the face gently and effectively, and controls sebum secretion without excessively drying the skin. Contains pure Neem extract which effectively treats acne, pimples and prevents their recurrence, while Chamomile and Tea Tree have strong antioxidant properties which help in rejuvenating the skin, making it feel sparkling fresh and energized.

Packaging: The face wash comes in a plastic tube that is both hygienic as well as convenient to use. It has a flip-top cap that shuts tightly with a click and makes it secure to carry around. You can see through the tube; that helps in keeping a track of the amount of product remaining. All the important details such as price, date of manufacturing, date of expiry, ingredient list, directions to use and net product volume are clearly spelt out.

Ingredient List:

My Experience With The Product: VLCC Neem Face Wash with Chamomile and Tea Tree is green in color and has a gel-based, slightly sticky formula. But as soon as you pour it on the palm and dilute it with water, it is easy to work with and effortlessly spreads on the skin. It produces a good amount of lather and effectively cleanses the face. It removes all the dirt, dust and impurities and leaves it clean, smooth and refreshed.

Another great thing about this face wash is that it does not leave the skin feeling dry or stretchy, but out of habit, I always do follow up with a moisturizer. Rinsing the product off is also quick and fuss-free as it easily comes off in one go.Ā It does not leave any slippery feeling behind andĀ I feel this face wash would suit most skin types.

Now coming to the fragrance, I just did not like it at all! It smells like some sort of a detergent, which is not at all pleasant or soothing. Fortunately, the scent does not linger on and disappears quickly. Now like most of us, I like my face washes to be pleasantly scented, so this was definitely a big turn-off.

Another thing that I didn’t like about this product is the presence of parabens. Considering that the brand claims this to be herbal formulation, the long list of parabens was definitely a big disappointment! The product can be easily found online as well as in stores and comes at a really affordable price point.


  • Beautiful, hygienic and travel-friendly packaging
  • Smooth, gel-based texture
  • Effortlessly spreads on the skin
  • Produces a rich lather
  • Effectively cleanses the face
  • Leaves the skin feeling smooth, clean and refreshed
  • Quick and easy to rinse off, does not leave behind any residue
  • Does not leave the skin craving for moisture
  • Easily available
  • Affordable


  • Since the gel formulaĀ is slightly thick and sticky, one needs to dilute it water to make it work
  • Contains a long list of parabens
  • Awful detergent-like scent that I found off-putting

Price: Rs 95 for 100 ml

Rating: B

Do I Recommend This? VLCC Neem Face Wash With Chamomile And Tea Tree has a gel formula that produces a good amount of lather. It effectively cleanses the face and leaves it clean, soft and refreshed. It is easy to rinse off as well and does not leave behind any residue or sticky feeling.

Now coming to the downside, I just did not like the fragrance. It smells so detergent-like to me and was a complete turn off! Along with this, considering that the brand claims this product to be herbal formulation, the long list of parabens was definitely a big disappointment!

So to sum up, I would say that this is just a very basic face wash and it did not really do much for me. I would definitely not repurchase this and would stick to my all-time favorites-Ā Clean And Clear Purifying AppleĀ and Clean And Clear Brightening Berry face washes, that are just amazing!

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