Archies UXR Original Eau De Parfum Review

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Archies is one of the most loved brands in India and has a nice range of perfumes. The one that I am reviewing today is the popular UXR original and the brand also carries a deodorant with the same scent. I have been using this perfume for a long time now and wanted to share my experience. So if you wish to know my thoughts on this one, then let’s jump straight into the complete review. Stay tuned…

What The Brand Claims: Wear Archies UXR Original Eau De Parfum to your workplace and smell aromatic all day long.

  • This enticing 50 ml unisex long-lasting fragrance will make for a great pick for your collection of fragrances.
  • Stay clean and fresh all day long.
  • This perfume provides 24 hours protection from foul odour caused by sweat.

Packaging: The perfume comes in a gorgeous red colored square cardboard box which holds the perfume bottle inside. You need to unwrap the plastic cover in order to use the product. The glass bottle is red in color and has a silver top. It has a spray mechanism that is easy to work with. All the important details such as price, manufacturing date, use-before date and ingredient list are clearly specified. All in all, I just love the packaging! It is luxurious, classy and so very beautiful.

Ingredient List:

My Thoughts On The Product: The Archies UXR Original Perfume is actually pronounced as the Hindi word ‘aksar’ which is quite unique and innovative! The perfume is colorless and just one spray dispenses a good amount of product. I never apply the perfume directly onto my skin, but only on the clothes. I have never experienced any sort of stinging or irritation on my skin after applying this product. However, as it does contain alcohol, I would definitely recommend you to do a patch test first to see if suits your skin.

This perfume has a strong scent that keeps sweat and body odor away and makes you feel fresh all-day long. When I say all-day long, I literally mean all-day long, since the fragrance lasts for the entire day. In fact, you can faintly smell it even after changing your clothes. In my experience, it completely goes away only after washing the particular clothes. Thus, in this case, I always follow the ‘Less is more’ mantra and spray it only once. The perfume has a rose scent with subtle hints of musk that is quite unique and feminine. However, it would be overpowering for sensitive noses, especially if used in excess.


  • Well known, loved-by-all brand
  • Comes in a UXR deodorant form too
  • Beautiful, classy packaging
  • Convenient to use
  • Keeps sweat and body odor away
  • Makes you feel fresh all-day long
  • Lovely Rose fragrance
  • Really long lasting fragrance, even after a change of clothes
  • Product goes a long way
  • 60 months (5 years) of shelf-life
  • Easily available online as well as at Archies stores


  • The scent can be overpowering for sensitive noses
  • Pricey
  • Contains alcohol
  • Glass bottle is not travel friendly, one needs to be careful while handling too

Price: Rs 399 for 50 ml

Rating: A

Final Thoughts: Archies UXR Perfume comes in a beautiful glass bottle packaging that looks really classy. The spray pump dispenses a good amount of product and keeps you fresh all-day long. It has a feminine Rose scent that is quite unique. However, being a strong fragrance, just a little amount should be used each time.


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