In Review: Fabindia Silk Protein Firming And Hydrating Body Lotion

Skin type: Normal to dry

Hi there!

Hope you are doing great! The product that I am reviewing today is the Fabindia Silk Protein Body Lotion. I used to use this quite a lot in the past, but then just switched on to new ones. So when I spotted this the other day, I instantly picked it up! Fabindia has revamped the packaging of this lotion and increased the price too. So if you wish to know my thoughts on this product, please keep on reading. Let’s begin…



What The Product Claims: Made with Sericin, a silk protein, this moisturizing lotion hydrates and repairs dry skin, making it soft and supple.




Ingredient List:


Packaging: The new improved packaging of this lotion is just fabulous! Look how pretty it is! 🙂 The lotion comes in a white colored plastic bottle with a golden cap. It also has a transparent cap top that needs to be removed in order to use the product. It comes with a pump dispenser that makes it both hygienic as well as convenient to use. All the vital information such as price, net volume, date of manufacturing, ingredient list, directions to use as well as date of expiry are clearly spelt out. All in all, I really liked the packaging! It’s beautiful, sturdy as well as travel friendly.



My Thoughts On The Product: The Fabindia Silk Protein Body Lotion is white in color and has a velvety smooth texture. It is super easy to work with and spreads like a dream. It is extremely lightweight and instantly gets absorbed into the skin. There is absolutely no trace of greasiness or stickiness left behind, which is just great! As soon as you apply it, the skin feels soft, supple and hydrated. However, there is no SPF content present, which is a bummer! Anyways, this is a great pick for hot and humid summers when you want your skin to stay hydrated, but do not wish to go heavy on the moisturizer. I feel this lotion would best suit those with combination to normal skin. Dry skinned beauties can also try this, but will need to use a little extra product. However, it definitely won’t be sufficient for those with very dry skin or during winter season. In addition, it is not moisturizing enough to repair any dry patches either!



Even though it does a good job of moisturizing the skin, you do need to reapply it after around 6 hours. Coming to the fragrance, it has a prominent scent that I am really fond of! It lingers on for quite some time and then eventually settles down. However, it can be a tad bit strong for sensitive noses! The product quantity is good; which makes it go a long way. Earlier, it used to come in a smaller size as well, but as of now, there is just one single size available. It can be found in Fabindia stores as well as online.




  • Gorgeous packaging
  • Velvety smooth texture
  • Effortlessly spreads on the skin
  • Feels super lightweight and comfortable
  • Completely non-greasy and does not leave anything behind
  • Instantly blends into the skin
  • Leaves the skin smooth, supple and nourished
  • Beautiful pleasant fragrance that lingers on for some time before settling down
  • Available at Fabindia stores as well as online


  • Expensive for a body lotion
  • Not moisturizing enough for very dry skin types or during winters
  • Does not repair dry patches
  • As you reach the end of the bottle, it becomes difficult to take the product out
  • No SPF content
  • Contains parabens
  • No smaller size available
  • The fragrance can be a tad bit strong for some

Price:  Rs 360 for 200 ml (Up from Rs 290)

Rating: A-

Final Thoughts: Overall, I would say that this is a good body lotion for someone with combination to dry skin. Fabindia has revamped the packaging and increased the price too, but the formula is still the same. The texture is beautiful and gets absorbed in a jiffy. It is super lightweight and feels comfortable on the skin. It instantly makes the skin feel smooth and supple, without leaving behind any greasiness at all. And, the fragrance is also amazing! However, I just wish it was more moisturizing and priced lower. Definitely worth a try!


Till next time,


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