Current Favorite: Nivea Creme Soft Soap-Review

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Today I am reviewing another one of my loved products from the brand Nivea. This is their Creme Soft Soap that I have been using for a long time. Nivea is a trusted name when it comes to skincare and I am really fond of their products. So if you wish to know more about this one, please keep on reading. Let’s begin…

What The Brand Claims: Discover the feeling of soft skin with Nivea Creme Soft Soap with caring Almond Oil and a mild scent. It gently cleanses your skin and prevents it from drying out.

Enjoy luxuriously soft skin with the Nivea Creme Soap. Specially formulated with rich Almond Oil, is just perfect for dry skin. Here’s a 2-in-1 soap that cleanses your skin deeply, without leaving it dry. The Almond Oil, being rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E and proteins, reaches deep into the skin and nourishes it, reinstates oil balance and makes your skin supple and soft. The Hydra IQ 24h+ moisture technology complements the goodness of rich Almond Oil to preserve the softness and suppleness all day.

Ingredient List:

Packaging: The packaging of this product is simple yet pretty. The soap comes in a white cardboard box with blue lettering. As you open the box, you can find the soap wrapped inside a thin plastic cover. All the details such as price, net weight of the product, date of manufacturing and ingredient list are clearly mentioned. I am really fond of the packaging! It is simple, attractive as well as travel friendly.

My Experience With The Product: The Nivea Creme Soft Soap is white in color and has a very smooth texture. It is easy to work with and produces a creamy lather when comes in contact with water. It effectively cleanses the skin and takes care of all the dirt, dust and impurities. The soap is very gentle and forgiving on the skin. It does not cause any irritation whatsoever and can be easily used by those with sensitive skin too.


Along with this, rinsing the product off is also quick and easy. It comes off with water in one go, without leaving behind any residue or slippery feeling. I have never experienced my skin feeling dry or stretchy after using this soap. In fact, on the contrary, it leaves the skin soft, supple and moisturized because of the presence of Almond Oil. However, I do follow it up with a lotion to seal in the moisture. Another reason why I love this soap so much is because of its fragrance. It is just so so amazing! 🙂 It has a mild pleasant scent that is really soothing and lingers on for some time. I feel this would work best for someone with combination to dry skin and is a great pick for winters. The product comes in 2 different sizes and can be bought as an individual item as well as a value pack.

Now coming to the downside, I feel that the product is definitely priced higher as compared to other brands in the market, but considering the luxury bathing experience it provides, this is definitely worth a buy!


  • Trusted brand
  • Simple yet beautiful packaging
  • Very smooth texture
  • Enriched with Almond Oil
  • Effectively cleanses the skin
  • Provides a luxurious bathing experience
  • Removes dirt, dust and impurities
  • Really mild and gentle on the skin
  • Produces a rich creamy lather
  • Leaves the skin feeling clean, smooth and plump
  • Moisturizes and nourishes the skin
  • Great for combination to dry skin and especially during winters
  • Comes in 2 different sizes
  • Can be bought as an individual product as well as a value pack
  • Easily available in stores as well as online


  • Pricey as compared to other brands in the market


  • Single Item: Rs 44 for 75 gm, Rs 65 for 125 gm
  • Value Pack:Rs 132 for 75 gm (Pack of 4), Rs 224 for 125 gm(Pack of 4)

Rating: A+

Do I Recommend This? Most definitely yes! This is a great offering from the house of Nivea! It effectively cleanses the body and gets rid of all the dirt and impurities. The skin feels smooth, plump and nourished after every use. It is really gentle and forgiving on the skin and smells amazing too!


Till next time,


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