Clean And Clear Natural Bright Face Wash Review

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to my blog! I am a very fond of face washes so I keep on trying new ones. When Clean And Clear came up with their Natural Bright face wash some time back, I picked it up in an instant! This is a trusted brand form J&J and I have always had a fantastic experience with all of their face washes. I was really excited to try this one out and wanted to share my thoughts with you all. To know more about my experience, please keep on reading!

What The Product Claims: The Clean and Clear Natural Bright Face Wash is designed for young skin problems to gently reveal your natural brightness. The new double action face wash works in two ways. Rose Water helps wash away dullness causing impurities and Natural Honey and Glycerin help nourish your skin.


Packaging: Like all other face washes from Clean and Clear, this one too comes in a see-through plastic bottle. It has a flip top cap that shuts with a click and is safe for travelling. It comes in 2 sizes so you can go for a smaller variant first in order to try it out. All the details such as ingredients, date of manufacturing and price are clearly mentioned at the back of the bottle. Overall, I love the packaging! It looks really pretty and is hygienic to use too!

Consistency: This is a gel-based face wash and contains tiny bubbles inside the bottle.

Color: Even though the face wash appears pinkish inside the bottle, it is actually colorless.

My Experience With The Product: The Clean And Clear Natural Bright Face Wash has a perfect consistency and spreads on the skin with ease. It effectively gets rid of all the dirt, oil and impurities and leaves the face clean and refreshed. It is really gentle on the skin and can very well be used by those with sensitive skin too! Being an oil-free product, it does not clog pores either. Rinsing it off is also not an issue since it easily comes off with water. It keeps the skin happy & healthy and brightens it up as well. Never has it ever caused any breakouts, nor does it leave my skin dry or stretchy. However, I still follow up with a moisturizer to keep hydration intact.

Since it quite mild, so it does not completely remove makeup. But you can always use this after your cleanser. Another great thing about this face wash is its fragrance! Oh my… It smells so amazing! It has a subtle and soothing scent of fresh roses. The only downside that I found was that it does not produce a rich lather. One needs quite some product in order to make it properly lather.


  • Pretty as well as sturdy packaging
  • Contains Rose water, Natural honey & Glycerin
  • Removes all dirt and impurities from the face
  • Makes the skin clean, smooth and bright
  • Does not rip off moisture from the skin
  • Smells amazing
  • Oil-free product
  • Easy to rinse off
  • Easily available
  • Very affordable


  • I wish it lathered a little more!

Price: Rs 60 for 50 ml

Rs 110 for 100 ml

Rating: A+

Do I Recommend This? Absolutely yes! If you are looking for a daily face wash that cleanses the face effectively while being forgiving on the skin, do give this a try. I am sure you will love this!

Till next time,


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